Biała Dama Restaurant

Delicious, fresh, classy all year long... only in “Biała Dama”!

Modern, brightly furnished “Biała Dama” (“The White Lady”)restaurant is the real heart of our complex. The original decoration of the restaurant refers to the Scandinavian design and amazes everyone with its uniqueness. Each detail is matched up to the whole in a way which makes this place cosy and warm so that you can feel at home.


During the winter time the place is even more enchanting due to the fireplace next to which you can relish the originally prepared warm wine or beer and enjoy the blaze and glow of the flame.

Our dishes are always prepared from the fresh products, they are made on order so that our cuisine is at the highest level and of a great taste, satisfying the palates of even the most demanding food lovers. You will find here just what you are looking for…