Chef recommends

Lithuanian cold soup with duck served with a piece of bread11zł

Breaded pork chop 11zł

Loosened chicken leg on vegetables in tomato sauce 11zł

Dumplings with meat and gravy 14zł

Breaded cod 16zł

Chicken salad with season vegetables and garlic sauce served with a piece of bread 17zł


Baked potatoes 3,5zł

Jasmin rice 3,5 zł

Frites 5zł

Sauerkraut 4zł

Season salad with vinaigrette 5zł

Sorbet water with orange and mint in carafe 12zł

 lemonade in carafe  14zł


Season vegetables, dried tomatoes and mozzarella salad with vinaigrette sauce served with a piece of bread 19zł

Duck fillet with pear, beats, radish and honey-balsamic sauce, served with a toast 24zł

Seafood mix in wine with tomatoes in butter on lettuces served with a piece of bread 27zł


Chicken soup with pasta 9zł

Fish soup with seafood, lemongrass and coconut milk, slightly spicy 14zł


Spaghetti al’a carbonara 19zł

Linguine with shrimps on a red pesto 26zł

Fish dishes

Burger with cod tenderloin, sauerkraut, fries and sweet-spicy sauce 29zł

Cod in tempura served on orient vegetables with jasmine rice 30zł

Zander Saute fried on white wine and asparagus sauce with cherry tomatoes, baby carrots and a potato cake 35zł

Salmon fillet on potatoes with green beans, tomatoes and shrimp sauce 37zł

Meat dishes

Grilled chicken fillet on chanterelles sauce with baked potatoes 28zł

Pork tenderloin in leek-cheese sauce and cheese with apple and roasted potatoes

and bechamel sauce flavored with truffle 34zł

Grilled roast beef with vegetables, fries, and a thick sauce: barbecue and gzik 59zł

Kids menu

Frites + ketchup 7zł

Tomato soup with rice 7zł

Pancake with ice cream and strawberry sauce 12zł

Strips with frites and salad 15zł


Cake of a day 7zł

Cheesecake „Biała Dama” 12zł

Ice cream dessert 15zł



KORONAWIRUS a nasza działalność

KORONAWIRUS a nasza działalność